Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Big Winning Day for Atlas Line: +8 Points, 3 Trades

Here's a quick video from John Paul / Day Trade to Win showing multiple Atlas Line trades for November 14, 2016. Not every day will have winning trades, but this post-election volatility has provided for some good trading. There were three trades total. Remember that the main Double Bar Long/Short signals (Dbl Bar) appear when there are two closing candles either above or below the line. John Paul is using a jagged purple line, here, although you're probably used to the straight pink one from his other videos. The first of the three was a short (sell) signal. Markets change constantly, so it's a good trading based on what is possible at the given moment. That's why the ATR is preferred. It gives an indication of where the market can possibly reach based on current volatility levels. It's really just an average of highs and lows for the last few bars. John Paul uses the last four bars. In any case, this first trade was good for +2.5 points. Remember that there are additional fees for trading, so this is just a rough calculation of what the trade was worth standalone. Later, price broke through the Atlas Line, but did not close twice above. If it had, there would have been a long (buy) signal. The Atlas Line was correct again with its next signal - a short at 2162.50 worth +3.5 points. After that, price approached the Atlas Line twice, but did not break through until later in the afternoon. When it did, a Long signal was generated for another winner, this time about +2 points. Remember, the Atlas Line is available as a 6-Month and Lifetime license. Live training and a training video is included.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Multiple Ways to Manage Risk with Atlas Line

When the Atlas Line is added to your chart, you will begin to see the line and signals plot shortly after market open. The line is usually diagonal. With two closing candles above or below, a signal will generate (Dbl Bar Short or Dbl Bar Long). In this video, a Long signal is generated after two closing candles above the line when price is at 2152.75. You could certainly take this trade as you see it, but John Paul's approach goes a bit further.

In the included live training, he teaches how to assess each trade's risk. For example, if the distance between the recent candles and the dashed Atlas Line is too great, then the market is overbought or oversold.  Avoid these conditions. If the ATR is below 1 or above 5, the market is too slow or too fast. If a significant news event has occurred within the last 15 minutes or is about to occur, again, avoid trading. In addition, utilize multiple stop loss rules. The catastrophic stop can work as a safety net to catch the maximum loss. If price is not approaching the profit target, be prepared to get out early. With the Atlas Line, John Paul uses a prove-it stop and a time-based stop to close trades at a smaller profit, break even, or a loss smaller than the catastrophic stop. Lastly, be aware that price has a tendency to revisit previously reached values. There can be greater uncertainty when price reaches new highs or lows for the day, week, month, or ever.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Two Day Trade to Win Atlas Line Short Trades in NinjaTrader

In this video's chart, the Atlas Line is the dashed line that appears above the candles. It produces signals, either Long or Short, to guide traders in the direction they should trade. Pullback and Strength trades are also produced. Today, two bars closed below the Atlas Line, thereby producing a Short signal. In case you were late to the party, the Pullback trade later in the day was another good opportunity. Multiple strategies confirmed this trade, including Day Trade to Win's Roadmap. The market conditions were good. Price was near enough to the Atlas Line, so we knew the conditions were not overbought or oversold. Taking profit quickly rather than nearing the four bar stop loss is preferable. John Paul shares a look at his 1-min chart. As you can see, the short direction on the 1-min is consistent with the Atlas Line. Multiple confirmation is best. With the Atlas Line, the trade he took was worth three ticks. Not bad for a few minutes worth of work. Live training is included with purchase of this system. Support can also install the indicator into your NinjaTrader platform.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Atlas Line is an price action trading tool developed by John Paul of Day Trade to Win. When using the Atlas Line, you are presented with entry signals that can be used for placing trades. A long entry signal tells you to buy the market. Similarly, a short signal tells you to sell. Once you enter a trade, you need to manage it according to the rules. In the included live training, John Paul will show you how to use the ATR (Average True Range) to decide the profit target and stop loss. About four different stop strategies are taught, including the time-based, catastrophic, and prove-it.The approach is entirely objective - there's no guessing.

The Atlas Line can also be used to filter trades. If you use another strategy like the Trade Scalper, the Atlas Line can provide the overall direction of the market. If both of the directions match, then you have additional confirmation the direction is correct. The Atlas Line comes in two different licenses: a Full License, which does not expire. There is also a 6-Month License that offers the same signals, only it expires after six months of use. Many traders step into John Paul's price action strategies via the 6-Month license and upgrade within 30 days. Day trading is always going to be risky, but tools like the Atlas Line can provide a way to find more opportunities.