Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Big Winning Day for Atlas Line: +8 Points, 3 Trades

Here's a quick video from John Paul / Day Trade to Win showing multiple Atlas Line trades for November 14, 2016. Not every day will have winning trades, but this post-election volatility has provided for some good trading. There were three trades total. Remember that the main Double Bar Long/Short signals (Dbl Bar) appear when there are two closing candles either above or below the line. John Paul is using a jagged purple line, here, although you're probably used to the straight pink one from his other videos. The first of the three was a short (sell) signal. Markets change constantly, so it's a good trading based on what is possible at the given moment. That's why the ATR is preferred. It gives an indication of where the market can possibly reach based on current volatility levels. It's really just an average of highs and lows for the last few bars. John Paul uses the last four bars. In any case, this first trade was good for +2.5 points. Remember that there are additional fees for trading, so this is just a rough calculation of what the trade was worth standalone. Later, price broke through the Atlas Line, but did not close twice above. If it had, there would have been a long (buy) signal. The Atlas Line was correct again with its next signal - a short at 2162.50 worth +3.5 points. After that, price approached the Atlas Line twice, but did not break through until later in the afternoon. When it did, a Long signal was generated for another winner, this time about +2 points. Remember, the Atlas Line is available as a 6-Month and Lifetime license. Live training and a training video is included.